Car Finance Advertising

Would you like us to create a winning Facebook marketing
strategy, which brings Finance applicants right to you?
…Even if no ones ever heard of you

We will create a winning Facebook strategy for your business that will deliver more leads, higher engagement and of course more sales,
We will find your customers through advanced Facebook targeting and then nurture them with email & SMS through to your website or when you phone them.
We work with close to 400 car dealerships and know what converts well on Facebook for the automotive industry.
No contracts or hidden fees, we believe the service should speak for it self and if you’re happy then we’re happy.


How we work with you.

Facebook marketing strategy

We will begin by getting to know you and understand your business, your services, ideal target audience and business goals for next 3 months, 6 months and
beyond. We either build you a Facebook page or begin working on your existing Facebook page, building your Facebook audience increasing 5 star reviews with a
Facebook review strategy and redesigning your page to give it a professional first impression.


Facebook Ad Designs

We create bespoke designs for you that stand out!


We create ads and content that convert for your target audience. Professional, creative, clean and simple is what works best.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook have incredible targeting parameters for finding your ideal target market. We aim to put your offers in front of the right people on Facebook.

To name but a few of the various targeting options

  • You can target age, location or gender
  • People who have expressed an interest in a similar offer you are making
  • You can upload your customer data base and create a look a like audience
  • You can upload your whole data base and re-target them
  • You can re-target who have visited your website
  • You can create a profile of your ideal customer with interests, behaviours and job if you don’t already have a data base to work with

Optimizing and Scaling

Once the ads are running and we have found your ideal target market, we begin the optimization process. We begin by making slight adjustments to improve
conversion and look at which target markets are converting best.

Once we’ve got the the ads optimized and converting consistently it’s a matter of scaling, to reach more people.

We can increase the ad spend and reach more people, run more ads with a larger audience, the ability to reach millions of potential customers comes down to
whether you want to or not.

Email Automation

Make a powerful first impression by letting your potential customers know a little more about you and how you can best serve them before you have even spoken with them.

With email automation we can extend a warm welcome to a new leads, direct them to a website or make a series of offers.

Boost loyalty with your existing customer base. Keeping in touch with previous customers can provide a consistent flow of repeat customers.


SMS Automation

Build the relationship with your customers straight away by sending them a warm welcome via text message as soon as they opt in. The text message will come from your business name.

Direct them to an application page, your website or simply just thank them for requesting further information and inform them of the next steps in the process

This further builds trust and the relationship between you and your potential customer.

Increase Facebook Reviews

Get authentic Facebook reviews and increase brand trust

Today’s customer is now more informed than ever before and can make a decision about your dealership even before you have had a chance to engage with them.


We help 100’s of dealerships build up their reviews on Facebook and we can help you too!

Every dealership knows how important online reviews are today. Having tens of even hundreds of reviews on one site is great but to have tens or even hundreds of
5 star reviews on multiple sites can really increase the reputation and trust of your brand