About us

FB Automotive is the UK’s only Facebook Page management company focussing solely on the automotive sector. We are a dedicated team of Facebook & digital experts, all with a background in the motor industry. We are able to design, build & fully manage your Facebook Page, providing a coherent social media strategy giving you the Facebook presence your are currently missing.

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook ‘Page’ can be seen as a mini-website within Facebook giving your business a voice and social media presence designed to help you connect with customers and reach your goals. It is a way for you to be able to promote your business to a community of fans as well as the wider audience to guarantee results, sales & brand awareness.

From the features side of things, a Facebook Page gives you space to display a company logo, a brand message through a cover photo, description, contact details, reviews plus much more. From the marketing side, it allows you to speak to your audience in a uniquely personal way, reach them directly by posting into their social stream, and target them directly.

Facebook offers a platform to communicate who you are and what you do whilst learning about your customers. If you are not interacting online with potential customers, one of your competitors will be.

What are the advantages?

Having an active Facebook Page means you have the potential to reach your audience almost anywhere, at any time (this is especially true with the rise and rise of mobile use). You can engage your fans in fun, non-corporate discussions that are invaluable for brand building, and really help you to understand your audience.